Protocol is YOUR PATH TO COMPLIANCE. We are a consulting company focused on improving the people, processes, and technologies surrounding information security. Protocol supports the security efforts of small businesses like IT re-sellers, and large organizations worldwide.



PROTOCOL is PCI Security Standards Council Certified:



Giles Witherspooon-Boyd

Giles Witherspooon-Boyd


Giles Witherspoon-Boyd, PCIP, is President and CEO of Protocol PCI. He has worked in the PCI and security industry for fifteen years and currently consults clients on successful data security application in processes, technologies, and employee settings.
Arce Witherspoon-Boyd

Arce Witherspoon-Boyd


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Alex Casares

Alex Casares

Chief Technology Officer

Alex has an entrepreneurial spirit. He earned his business acumen in Silicon Valley during one of its most innovative periods. Within his 20 years of IT and data security experience, he has filled a variety of roles: Founder, CTO, SecurityAnalyst and Engineer, Risk Analyst, and IT Security Consultant.
David Cameau

David Cameau

Director of Global Sales

David brings a great blend of technical expertise, customer service prowess, and sales experience to Protocol. He has a pre-engineering degree in Electrical Animation and Robotics Technology from Utah State University, and PCI QIR certification. His enthusiasm for data security led him to take part in the founding of Protocol. He currently serves as an active member of the board of directors and V.P. of Strategic Planning.
Ken Bretschneider

Ken Bretschneider

Partner, Board of Directors

Ken Bretschneider is a true entrepreneur. He founded two startups in his early 20s, which included a video game and web-development company. After gaining almost a decade of experience in design and technology, Ken founded DigiCert in late 2002. DigiCert has since grown to become one of the world’s largest issuers of digital-certificates using Secure-Socket-Layer encryption security (SSL).


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PCI Payment Protection Guides
SM_Guide_ThumbnailGuide to Safe Payments

Simple guidance for understanding the risk to small businesses, security basics to protect against payment data theft, and where to go for help.

SM_Payment_Systems_ThumbnailCommon Payment Systems

Real-life visuals to help identify what type of payment system small businesses use, the kinds of risks associated with their system, and actions they can take to protect it.

SM_Vendor_Questions_ThumbnailQuestions to Ask Your Vendors

A list of the common vendors small businesses rely on and specific questions to ask them to make sure they are protecting customer payment data.

SM_Glossary_ThumbnailGlossary of Payment and Information Security Terms

Easy-to-understand explanations of technical terms used in payment security.

For more PCI payment protection resources for small business click here.